Your product tastes much better when served with friendliness

We decided to escape from the city for the weekend and headed to the Strawberry Park Hotel in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

The food was great, and it tasted even better because of the service that was delivered by the restaurant staff.

Raj, the omelette and roti (Indian flat bread) cook gave us a memorable experience. His eyes lit up when he saw us come towards him. He welcomed us and made us feel important. He did this just by paying attention to us!

We were visiting with friends from Australia, Trish and Eric. Being an avid cook, Eric was really interested in the roti that Raj had on the hotplate. So they engaged in a conversation, and, by the end of it, Raj was making a roti “Australian style” – with fluffy scrambled eggs on the side. This was Eric’s concoction – and it tasted great.

To us, Raj was a service star.

And all that he did was to make us feel special by talking to us, showing us eye contact and showing us a bit of attention.

And yes, the food tasted so much better because of the experience that we had with Raj.

The paybacks? I am now telling you about this business right now – and it is not costing the Strawberry Park Hotel a cent!

You may not be in the food business. But the message is just as applicable to you: your offering will seem much more attractive to your customers if it is dished up with frindliness.

Th good news is that those smiles will convert into cash – happy customers buy more, come back and tell others about you.

It seems all too simple!

Until next time.

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