The Rhythm of Service

I was at a somewhat pricey Chinese restaurant last night.

The food and the surroundings were good. We were served our dishes, course by course, with the focus being on quality and presentation.

So, it was all good.

There was just one little thing…it was the  pace at which the table stewards moved.

They moved too fast.

I’m not talking about the speed at which they kept the food flowing. Rather, it was the frenetic pace that they moved around us.

It seemed like they were in a frenzied rush, moving from person to person, topping up their tea, or serving another dish. They were moving so fast that I almost got caught up in their slip-stream!

Different customer service environments require a different personal pace from customer service personnel. If we were to have the table staff at last night’s restaurant to work to the pace of a song, it would more like an elegant waltz.  That is the pace that would have best suited the environment in that restaurant.

In other environments, for example at super-market checkouts, the pace should be considerably faster.

If the rhythm of service was to be linked to a song, which song what song and what pace would be most appropriate for your service environment?

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