Easy to read BrainFood Articles on Branded Culture, Service and Leadership


If you are interested in reading some practical articles on how to create a culture that delivers on your brand, customer service, leadership and complaints, check out the BrainFood section of the TMI Malaysia website.

Go to http://www.tmimalaysia.com.my and click on BrainFood.

The latest BrainFood article tittled, “Brand Building at the Speed of Trust”. This an interview with Charlie Oropeza, CEO of Prudential who has created financial success by focusing on the company from the inside-out. He started with this people.

There are articles on Zappos, The Ritz-Carlton and other companies that create success through the customer experience.

Have you heard about the “Amplification Effect”? This cuts in when things start to go wrong in our service encounters.  After three things go wrong, we start to look for what is going wrong, rather than what is going right with this company. See the October 2010 article on this.

And did you know that there is starvation in many companies, not only in Malaysia, but around the world? See the July 2010 article on this subject.

Did you know that there are Invisible Conspiracies going on in companies around the world? The result is that the companies under-perform. Read the May 2011 article.

I hope that you get value from these articles – let me know your views and feedback!

The website address once more….www.tmimalaysia.com.my. Click on BrainFood to get to the articles.

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