7 Words that will create customer experience magic

I would like to introduce you to Aznan, a project manager and account manager with a company called Memories Entertainment.

No, Aznan did not pay me lots of money to advertise his company on this blog.

Rather, he and his company are getting from me the highest currency possible in return for a delivering a great service experience. This currency is called word of mouth recommendation.

Let me start from the beginning.

TMI has been involved in a major values integration assignment for a client. A part of the process involved workshops with the management and employee population.

A part of the brief from the client was that the layout of workshop room should be beyond what would normally be expected. In other words, the conventional table and chair arrangements were a “no-no”.

Enter Aznan. His employer, Memories Entertainment, is an events management company.

I was at a meeting with the client and Aznan. The client painted a picture – a vision – for what the environment would look like. And we were under extreme time pressure as the event was happening within the next two weeks.

Aznan knew that his job was to turn the vision into reality. And here are the 7 magic words that he used…”Can do. I will work it out.”

This was a really challenging assignment. The vision was big. But no matter how big the vision, Aznan’s attitude was even bigger. His response was always, “Can do. I will work it out.”

It’s amazing what happens when we think in terms of possibilities rather than problems. The words, “Can do. I will work it out” is possibility thinking. Many people would have taken the easier route by saying, “I’m not sure if this is possible, given the tight timing.”

In the words of Henry Ford, “If you think  you can, or if you think  you can’t, either way you will be right.”

When I arrived at the workshop room the night before the event was to be held, I felt that I had entered a different world. The room was well beyond my expectations. Tables and chairs were replaced by beanbags and sofas. The room was awash with colour. The ballroom walls were draped in sheer curtains from top to bottom, with mood lights lining the floors behind the curtains.The projection screen was replaced by something that Aznan had had constructed – it looked as if we were projecting onto a large television screen. We had asked for a  “workshop graffiti wall”, and, sure enough, Aznan had arranged a beautiful 3D structure for this. And there was much more… It was the most beautiful, yet functional, workshop room that I have worked in.

And, when we boil it down, Aznan’s 7 magic words – the words of possibility – were a key driving force behind the wonderful experience that was provided for the client, the participants and we, as facilitators.

Aznan, you are a service star. Thank you for teaching me a lesson how to create a great customer experience.

The payback to you and your company is what you and every great service provider deserves – business growth through positive word of mouth from ecstatic clients like me.

Now the question for you, the reader of this blog, is to listen to the customer service language used in your organisation. Is it the “can-do” language of possibility, or is it the problem based language of, “That is against our policy,” or, “I’m not sure if we can do that.”

Food for thought.

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