Happy customers buy more

Happy customers buy more. A great customer experience will create happier customers. In short, good service creates higher sales.

Let me share with you an experience where this principle was  NOT in action.

I have been passing by a frozen yogurt shop for some time and finally decided to give it a try. The concept is simple. You choose your flavour of yogurt (or take multiple types if you feel adventurous). You then add toppings of your choice and then pay by weight.

I walked into the shop. It was empty.

The place was really quiet. There was an employee sitting at the cash register and another one was behind the counter.

I wasn’t quite sure how to work the yogurt machine and asked the young man behind the counter. He said to “pull the handle.” There was no friendliness or warmth in this response. One of the two people could have come to assist me. But they didn’t.

I worked it out, chose my yogurt.and pulled the handle. Sure enough, I had placed my cup in the right place and the yogurt  poured into my cup rather than onto my hand.

So far so good.

The next step was to move to the counter to choose my toppings.   By this time, I found myself to be still curious, but less enthusiastic than when I had entered the shop. There were quite a few choices, from sweet things to fruit based toppings.

I chose 4 toppingss, had my yogurt cup weighed, paid and sat down to have my yogurt.

I then reflected on what I was experiencing  – and the impact that it was having on my purchase behaviour.

The decor was okay. It was rather informational. A lot more could have been done to keep me happy and engaged by having interesting posters on the wall.

I sat in the shop, eating my yogurt. No one else was in the shop. I felt a bit lonely. Some music might have made me happy.

I recalled asking for help. I would have been made happy if the customer service person had come to assist me.

I then thought, “They could make a lot more money if the person at the counter had encouraged me to try toppings that went well with my yogurt. That would have made me  happy as well.

But none of that happened.

What did happen is that I ate my yogurt (it was quite nice), but spent less than I could have, and walked out never to return.

And the yogurt shop will have no idea why it is not doing better. It may try to change its yogurt selection. It may add new toppings. It might offer special prices.

But, in doing these things, they have ignored a key factor – how to make me, as a representative of their customer group, happy.

In the world of the customer experience, we have to get two elements right – the functional experience ie the product, and the emotional experience ie how the customer is made to feel.

It is the emotional experience that will build sales and customer loyalty.

Just use me and the yogurt shop as living proof. If I had a better emotional experience, I would have happily bought more. And on top of that, there would have been a better chance for me to come back again – and to tell my friend about it as well.

So if you are looking for a way to increase sales, train your people to give a great customer service experience. And make sure that the environment that you provide for your customers makes them happy as well.


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