About George

George is the Group CEO and International Partner of TMI  in Malaysia.

He is a mentor to senior leaders. He is an organisational leader. He is a writer. He is a consultant.

George opened the TMI office in Kuala Lumpur in February 2005. TMI, with a presence in 60 countries,  is a transformation consultancy, focusing on the customer experience.

George is a highly experienced consultant and facilitator and has the ability to bring complex concepts to simplicity and accessibility for clients. George and the TMI team have worked on major branded customer experience projects with major companies in Malaysia.

He is valued for the insights that he brings to organisations after having devoted his career working with a wide variety of companies in Australia and Malaysia. Clients served by George range from global organisations, down to business start-ups, across a wide range of industries.

George was given the highest honour in the TMI international network, being awarded the TMI Friendship Award for contributions to the TMI global consulting network in 2011 and again in 2016.

George is the co-editor of the book, SHIFT! Powerful Stories of Organisational Transformation (go to http://www.shift-book.net for more information).

He has written over 100 articles for magazines in Malaysia and Australia. George has lived in Malaysia since 2007.

To contact George direct, email him on george@tmimalaysia.com.my.

For more information on TMI, go to www.tmimalaysia.com.my

10 thoughts on “About George

  1. Hi George, It’s been a while since we last saw each other. Trying to connect with LinkedIn but will not allow me. Please send me your contact details. Cheers Russell Harland (ex WesTrac (WA))


  2. Great job my friend. Once more you excell yourself. I am looking forward to share your blog with my customers.
    Michael Tsogas


  3. HI George,
    Great Blog. A suggestion if I may. On the Blogs I return to frequently they have a “Subscribe function/button; this prompts me to go to their Blogs when they have posted something new. Worth considering?? Stay well my friend. Sally-Ann


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