One way to be a good looking service person

Do you want other people to say, “Wow! You are really attractive ( or, if you are a guy, “You are really handsome”).

Well here is a quick tip…

I was at a local coffee shop yesterday. We were served by a young, rather nice looking young lady.

She didn’t smile a lot and she didn’t say a lot. As a matter of fact, she didn’t radiate much energy at all!

As I left the coffee shop, I said to my colleagues Arvind and Marziana, “She is nice looking, but she would be beautiful if she smiled more!”

So here is the tip. We radiate beauty from the inside and from the outside.

All you have to do for people to think that you are attractive is to smile more and to radiate more energy in the way that speak.

The research has shown that people can tell a genuine smile from a fake smile by looking at your eyes. So, to add just a little more energy to our smile, and to add just a little more beauty to who you are, smile, and smile with your eyes!

And if you are in the customer service game, you will find that people will want to be served by the “new beautiful you!”